Monday, November 26, 2007

What is right ? What is wrong?

What is right? and what is wrong ?Some times this question will be the turning point for all, for me too.Some one said - there is nothing like good or bad , right or wrong ; every thing changes from person to person , religion to religion , place to place and time to time.Ya yesterday's philosophy is today’s , may be tomorrow’s nonsense. But we must take that much time to realize the question what is right? what is wrong ?.

We used to say: I’m sad, I don’t know what to do etc. Hey at least we ‘ve to love ourselves .If we act like miserable, we must get that only- ya we‘ve to love ourselves and we ‘ve to select what is good for us and what is bad for us. But the self love is the most impure form of love ….. Then?

We are facing so many struggles in daily life , in family ,in society, in Working sector etc. Some used to say being good is not a great thing, we are just doing that because of our cowardness or inability to face troubles, is this true? Some used to say there is nothing like culture, its only a mask on our face , which we often wear according to our wish .Is this right ? some used to say those things which make us happy , wat ever it may be , that is good …… is this wrong ?

It is not necessary that we 've to get answers for all the questions , but there are some situations in life , where we need some answers , with out them we cant move forward .

We can see so many people selecting the easy ways , with out thinking about the society , family or culture. According to others those ways are wrong.

Some one said " the greatness of man is that no one can save him'. He has to select his path, he has to find out the answer from himself " what is right for him and what is wrong for him". But if it is right for others , if it can help some one else, even if it cant help us . Then it 'll be absolutely right.............

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good....good writing skill too..eadecle